JSJ Uninstaller

JSJ Uninstaller 1.3

Completely remove programs and hidden files from your Palm

JSJ Uninstaller completely removes applications, including hidden data which is often left behind wasting memory and causing system instability. If you've ever tried to completely uninstall programs from your Palm system, you've probably noticed that folders, small files and even databases are often 'left behind' in the uninstall process, wasting precious space on your memory cards and slowing down your PDA. JSJ Uninstaller helps you to make sure that none of these remnants are left, promoting a clean and fast Palm experience.

Features of the program include:

  • Remove entire applications, or single files
  • Removes hidden files which are left behind by other applications
  • Works on all Palm Powered devices including the Zire, Tungsten, Treo, and Sony Clie

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JSJ Uninstaller


JSJ Uninstaller 1.3

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